• This Week...

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 5/7/2012
    This week we worked VERY hard to make all the Mother's Day gifts :) The children had a great time making them and I know they hope you enjoy them as much too!!
    They did add a sunflower seed to your gift so make sure you water it like you have watered your little ones in order to help them blossom!!
    Take care everyone and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
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  • This week...

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 4/30/2012
    The Kinders have been wanting "workbooks" to work out of during the week. I printed out some worksheets and we made a folder for them to keep in their cubbies. We do these in between our other fun, learning activities :)
    Nadia & Carson  
    Since the kids LOVE doing these so much I decided to print out "books" for them!! They are working on their first one this week...What begins with A! They are loving reading these and coloring them as well!! Look forward to their books starting to come home weekly :)
    Madison & Aiden  
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  • Thursday 4-19-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 4/19/2012
    Today we had fun hanging out and creating lots of different things with our blocks and other manipulatives. The boys get along so well in the morning I hardly get a chance to play or talk with them :) 
    After our morning "big kid" send off we did more creating with glue, markers, and fun scissors! I am sure you will see a lot of papers coming home and it may be frustrating but just know your kids are learning to create and expand their imaginations through this process and it is so sweet to hear them say "I am making this for my mom or dad". They LOVE sharing their creations :) so enjoy!!
    After that it was Kinder Club time! We are concentrating on patterns right now so we have made our calendar an AAA, BBB pattern. This was voted on by your kids :)
    Then it was snack, outside play, lunch and off to school!! Rollie Pollie's have become the outside fascination. They are catching a lot of them right now and enjoying comparing their size.
    Maybe tomorrow we will research what they eat ;) Stay tuned!!!
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  • Wednesday 4-18-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 4/18/2012
    Today we had a little more energy and were excited to go outside for some wall ball again this morning!! The weather is so nice before school it's a great way to get out their energy before school!!
    Inside we did more creating, drawings, and water coloring. We played so well we cut out our Kinder Club "workbook" time and went straight to snack and outside play!
    The kids are having fun with this wonderful weather...finally!!
    Stay tuned... 
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  • Tuesday 4-17-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 4/17/2012
    Today we had a fun time playing outside!! The weather was just nice enough to let the ever moving boys get out their energy before school :)
    After drop off we got back to the room and made some pictures and fans! The kids are really into folding and creating right now!!
    Then it was snack and Kinder Club time. From a suggestion from Carson, we made "workbooks" where the kids can practice their letter writing skills. They love to sit at the table together and color and write and chat :)  
    Then it was off to the playground and lunch before school!!
    See you tomorrow... 
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  • Monday 4-16-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 4/16/2012
    Today was a very mellow day! We hung out and did a lot of free play in the classroom. Some of the boys played checkers on the round table. Other kids wanted to draw and create their own "friendship club". 
    All in all it was quiet and peaceful :) We did go outside for a while to play in the sunshine!!
    Stay tuned for much more coming up this week!!
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  • Friday 3-30-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 3/30/2012
    Sooo...today was a very kick back day! We had pancakes - AGAIN :) and then we got to play all morning. We had sticker mania on the table and played our hearts out on the computer!! It was a great day and we are definitely ready for our break!!
    Have a great time on Spring Break!
    Miss Cortnee :) 
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  • Thursday 3-29-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 3/29/2012
    Wow! Today was an exciting day!! Miss Cortnee made us chocolate chip pancakes ALL morning! We stuffed ourselves :) 
    We also were very busy making our room look like "Spring had Sprung" We decorated bunnies and marble painted eggs! It was a lot of fun :)
    After all the festivities were over, we picked our leaders and the usual...outside play, lunch, and Kindergarten.
    Guess what happened at lunch? We asked Miss Cortnee for MORE pancakes tomorrow :)
    So bring your appetite...pancakes for breakfast!! 
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  • Wednesday 3-28-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 3/28/2012
    Today we tried an experiment with Ivory soap! We put it in the microwave for a minute and it grew! It didn't grow as much as it usually does so we are going to try again in a couple of weeks!  But it was WAY cool to see it growing inside the microwave :) 
    After we sent the big kids off and walked our wonderful Kinder friend to school, we had a lot of fun playing and drawing! Then we had Kinder Club time where we picked our leaders and got to print out more pictures to order!!
    Then it was time for the playground, lunch, and off to school!
    See you tomorrow... 
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  • Tuesday 3-27-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 3/27/2012
    Today we got to explore the world of science! Is it a solid or a liquid...the jury is still out :) We played with cornstarch and water, otherwise know as "Ooblick". It's a wonderful substance. The more water you add the less the cornstarch sticks together. It's a great science activity because it makes a BIG mess but it cleans up amazingly well!! You can also put water color in it to mix some fun colors, which we did, or just play with it the way it is.
    After exploring the senses some of us drew some pictures and other played on the computer doing Fast Math and Ticket to Read!!
    Then we sent the big kids on their way, took Mr. Logan to school, and came back for more Ooblick fun :) After more Ooblick some friends wanted to spray paint. They got the stencils from yesterday's flower cut outs and spray painted (with liquid water color) their papers. They are beautiful - wait until you see them in the classroom!!
    To finish off the morning we had Kinder Club time. The kids all had a chance to tell Miss Cortnee what the days of the week were, and if they got all 7 right, they got a star! (don't worry - it washes off :) 
    Then we played Phonic Bingo where they got a sticker if they won :) Then it was outside play time, lunch, and off to Kindergarten!
    That's it for today, tomorrow promises to be JUST as exciting :) See you then! 
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