• General Information


    All visitors must come through the school office and sign in to the visitor’s book located on the front counter.  Visitors must present a valid government ID and be cleared through District Raptor program.  While on campus visitors must wear a site issued visitor badge.  Visits to your child’s classroom should be arranged, in advance, with the teacher.  

    Morning Arrival

    Morning supervision begins at 8:10. Please do not send your child to school earlier than 8:00 as there will be no adult supervision.

    School Telephones

    School phones are limited to school business and emergencies. Children will be permitted to use the phone only in an emergency. Plans for after school activities should be made at home before the school day. Students and teachers should not be asked to come to the phone when classes are in session, except in an emergency.

    Report Cards

    Report cards will be issued two times during the year for children in grade K – 5 and progress reports will be issued two times during the year.  Report cards will be issued at the end of each semester.   The first progress report will be issued at parent conference time (October).


    Parent Teacher conferences are held at the end of the first quarter reporting period for all students. Spring conferences may be requested by either the teacher or parent. Please make every effort to attend them. Parents are encouraged to conference with the teacher at any time throughout the year. An appointment may be made by leaving a message for the teacher at the office or in writing.

    Lost and Found

    The lost and found is located outside the school office. Please mark your child's sweaters, jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes etc. for easy identification. Small items are turned into the office. Parents are invited to check the lost and found. We are not responsible for personal toys, games or other personal items that should not be brought to school.


    Any student riding a bike to school must supply a lock. Bikes must be stored in the fenced bike rack area. Students riding to school must wear bicycle helmets.

    Skateboards, skates, “Heelies” and rollerblades are not allowed on the school grounds at any time. Bikes are not allowed on the main campus.


    Nutritious meals are available for purchase for breakfast and lunch in addition to ala carte items during lunch and breaks.  Menus  are sent home monthly and posted on-line. There are two ways to pre-pay for meals and pre-payment discounts are offered. Applications for free or reduced price lunches are available from Nutrition Services.  Parents/students must pay for hot lunches BEFORE school. Students bringing lunches from home, may purchase milk from the cafeteria. If your child forgets his/her lunch, bring it to the office with your child's name and room number clearly marked. We will make a special area in the cafeteria where it can be claimed at lunchtime, without interrupting instructional time. Students who forget to pay for or bring a lunch will be provided with an alternate lunch.


    Each class has a snack period at the beginning of the morning recess (early afternoon for PM kindergarten). Snacks are eaten at the outdoor picnic tables in the shade. Younger students especially benefit from a nutritious snack. Please avoid soft drinks, sugary snacks, candy or other "junk food". Fruit, half a sandwich and crunchy vegetables are especially good energy boosters.



Last Modified on August 14, 2021