• Wednesday 11-7-12

    Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 11/7/2012
    Today we had "Kinder Club" when we got back from lunch! At Kinder Club we sit and talk about the date, go over our numbers and letters, talk about the weather, and pick out who does our jobs for the day. We use the calendar to talk about the date. The kids all have a turn to "try" to say the full date on their own. If they at least try, they receive a "rock star" on their hand :)
    After the date, we pick a teacher for the day. The teacher then picks a friend to do our "jobs".  The weather person, the water bottle holder, the door holder, the light monitor, and the line leader. Today our teacher was Ava :)
    After going outside to play on the playground we came in for some free play where the kids got some sensory overload! We played with shaving cream with color :) and a flour/oil mix :)
    That's all for today - check back soon! 
     Shaving cream
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