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    Reading Counts is an incentive based reading program in which students can read a book of interest, whether fiction or non-fiction, and then take a short quiz to test comprehension. If the student passes the quiz the student earns points.

    Students say to me on a daily basis " I can read that book" the question isn't whether they can read it, can they comprehend it? This program is designed to determine what the "just right" book is for your student. If your child is reading a book that is too easy for them,

    they are not growing. If they are reading a book that is too hard most likely they will not pass the quiz. It is essential the individual is always practicing this skill.  Another word your student will become familiar with is Lexile. What is Lexile?

    The Lexile Framework will help place your child in the books that are targeted for their reading level.  Your child will receive a Lexile Reading Measure from a test that is given at school.  This Lexile measure can range from 0L for beginning readers to 2000L for advanced readers. If you do not know your childs Lexile you can ask their teacher.  

    Lexile You can look to see what a books Lexile measurement is HERE

    Reading Counts If you want to check to see if your childs book has a Reading Counts Quiz you can check HERE

Last Modified on September 23, 2020