• General Policies


     2020 - 2021 School Policy Reference Guide



    Students and staff make up only part of the school community. Warm Springs Middle School encourages parents to become involved. All visitors are required to check in at the office and present valid identification. Those who wish to visit classrooms must have approval from the teacher and principal 24 hours prior to their visit. Minors may not visit the school during school hours.


    Nutritious meals are available for purchase for breakfast and lunch in addition to ala carte items during lunch and breaks.  Menus are sent home monthly and posted on-line. There are two ways to pre-pay for meals and pre-payment discounts are offered. Applications for free or reduced price lunches are available from Nutrition Services. Students who forget to pay for or bring a lunch will be provided with an alternate lunch. . 


    District bus pass information and routes are posted on the district website. It is important that each student behaves appropriately at the bus stop while waiting for the bus as well as on the bus to and from school. Frequent violators of school bus rules will have their bus passes revoked.


    Parents are invited and encouraged to attend both Back-to-School Night in the fall and Open House in the spring. Students are also invited to attend Back-to-School Night where each teacher has the opportunity to meet parents and share content area curriculum and instruction. At Open House parents will see an awesome display of student work from science and social studies projects, written work in language arts, math activities, exploratory class projects and productions, and students' PE fitness progress throughout the year.


    Parents are invited to meet with their child's team of teachers for those students who are working below grade level. The conference team develops a plan of action to support the student. Parents may meet with teachers at anytime about student progress throughout the year. Please contact teachers directly via phone or email.


    Our primary concern is the safety of students, particularly during student drop off and pick up. Drivers are asked to exercise patience and caution at all times, and remember that the safety of our students is everyone’s responsibility. Please use the designated drop-off/pick-up loop. Use of the bus loop compromises the safety of all bus riders and walkers.  

    Warm Springs has numerous clubs and programs designed to create a positive learning environment including: P.L.U.S. (Peer Leaders Uniting Students) Forums, Warm Springs Greeters, Wildcat W.A.T.C.H. (Working All Together to Create Harmony) S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere), Conflict Managers, Warm Springs Leadership Class, WSTV (Student broadcast channel) Project Wisdom (Daily character building announcements). Our school motto is the ABCs:  Every student Achieving Academically, Behaving Responsibly, and Connected to School. 


    Warm Springs utilizes two bike racks, one at the front of the school and another on the west side of campus. Both are also equipped with skateboard racks. Students who ride bicycles or skateboards must use the bike rack and supply personal locks. For everyone's safety, bicycles, skateboards and roller blades must not be ridden at anytime on campus.

Last Modified on July 24, 2020