• Be Responsible for the Books You Check Out
    Please take care of our school’s library books so that others may enjoy them for years to come. If you check out a book and notice damage, tell Mrs. Komenda right away.

    Book Care
    Please monitor your kids and ensure they are taking care of borrowed materials from the library.
    - Read them with clean hands.
    - Please no eating or drinking (especially sticky or greasy foods) when they are reading their books.
    - No writing or coloring in books.
    - Keep library materials away from pets and young siblings.
    - Keep books clean and dry.
    - *Tip - provide a large or oversize ziplock bag for your kids to put their library books in while in their backpacks. This keeps the books from getting dirty, bent, ripped, or wet should their water bottle leak.
    - Do not take your library books into the bathroom to read.
    - Keep them safe in your backpack so the pages and covers do not get bent or torn.
    - Don't drop, throw, kick, toss, etc. them or leave them outside.

    And, return your library books on time!