Thursday 4-19-12

Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 4/19/2012

Today we had fun hanging out and creating lots of different things with our blocks and other manipulatives. The boys get along so well in the morning I hardly get a chance to play or talk with them :) 
After our morning "big kid" send off we did more creating with glue, markers, and fun scissors! I am sure you will see a lot of papers coming home and it may be frustrating but just know your kids are learning to create and expand their imaginations through this process and it is so sweet to hear them say "I am making this for my mom or dad". They LOVE sharing their creations :) so enjoy!!
After that it was Kinder Club time! We are concentrating on patterns right now so we have made our calendar an AAA, BBB pattern. This was voted on by your kids :)
Then it was snack, outside play, lunch and off to school!! Rollie Pollie's have become the outside fascination. They are catching a lot of them right now and enjoying comparing their size.
Maybe tomorrow we will research what they eat ;) Stay tuned!!!