The Science Department at Vista Murrieta High School is committed to providing each student with the best science education possible.  Our goal is to create an environment that encourages academic excellence for all students and a lifelong interest and literacy in the sciences through a variety of strategies including inquiry lab technology and experiments.  Using the State of California Science Standards as a guide, we provide a variety of educational opportunities and experiences in each of our courses that will allow every student to achieve their academic potential with high expectations. Courses that are offered include College Prep Biology, Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth and Space Science, College Prep Chemistry, Marine Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Biomedical Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, College Prep Physics and AP Physics.  We are privileged to have on staff a group of teachers with multiple areas of expertise who are highly qualified to teach such a variety of courses.  We look forward to our involvement in each student's science and academic success at Vista Murrieta High School as they prepare for graduation and beyond.


Donations Program

Due to the economic downturn at the federal, state, and local levels, funds that were available to sustain a viable science program are no longer available.  The science staff at Vista Murrieta High School is committed to maintaining a state-of-the-art science experience for all of our students, however, because our budget has been drastically cut, we have implemented a voluntary lab fee donation program in order to preserve the high quality of programs and classes that our students currently benefit from.  The donation program is needed in order to perform more in depth and meaningful labs, and to lower the number of students in each lab group.  Please know that every penny of the donation will go toward the students and the labs that they will be able to do this year and will greatly enhance their laboratory experience.  Moreover, if the donation is not paid, the students will still be able to participate in all labs and it will not have an adverse effect on their grade.  Most important, we would like to thank the parents that have donated to our program; both present and past.  Without your help and generous contribution we would not be able to maintain the high level of science instruction currently offered to your students . . . again, THANK YOU!



Last Modified on August 14, 2015