• Vista Murrieta High School Counseling Mission:

    Inspire all students to navigate life's challenges, realize that adversity is a great opportunity to learn, model dignity, teach students to self advocate, and DREAM BIG!

    VMHS Counseling Team:

    If you would like to speak to your student's counselor please contact our Counseling Secretaries: 

    Catherine Whitaker ext. 6676 - Mr. Caldwell, Ms. Arizola, Mrs. Padilla, Mrs. Ruiz             

    Jackie Moran ext. 6690 - Mrs. Candaele, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Tyler

    Demetrius Caldwell

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     A - Cr 
     East Hall 

    Dione Tyler

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     Cu - Hi  West Hall  Dion Tyler    

    Karen Candaele

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     Ho - Mi  West Hall  Mrs. Candaele    

    Gabriela Arizola

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     Mo - Sa  East Hall  Gabriela Arizola    

    Claudia Hill

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    Sc - Z   West Hall  Mrs. Hill    

    Diana Ruiz 

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     AVID  East Hall  Mrs. Ruiz    

    Aurora Padilla 

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     East Hall  Mrs. Padilla    

    Eric Peterson

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    Special Projects West Hall

    Mr. Peterson


    The counseling team provides a comprehensive guidance program for every student, addressing students' academic, career, and personal development. Our counselors conduct various forms of student advisement and counseling: Grade Level Presentations, Evening Workshops, Classroom Lessons, Group Counseling, and Individual Counseling. Each year student's individual four year plans are reviewed with a counselor and appropriate educational adjustments and or plans are made to ensure future success in areas of interest. (Download Four Year Plan) Every counselor possess specific areas of expertise which all of our students are encouraged to access.

    How Can Parents Access Counselors? 

    Due to extensive responsibilities with students, parents must call and make an appointment in advance to meet with counselors when the need arises. Availability is determined by individual counseling activities scheduled during the year. We will make every attempt to accommodate parents work and student schedules to be available.

    If you would like to speak to Mr. Caldwell, Ms. Arizola, Mrs. Padilla or Mrs. Ruiz please contact Mrs. Catherine Whitaker, East Hall ext 6676. If you would like to speak to Mrs. Candaele, Mrs. Hill, Mr Tyler or Mr. Peterson please contact Mrs. Jaqueline Moran, West Hall ext 6690.


    Monica Tyler, A-K ext 6684

    Debbie Rausa, L-Z ext 6774


    Student Support Groups on Campus 

    VMHS offers many activities and support groups on campus that can be accessed through the counseling team: PLUS, Link Crew, Breakthrough, and individual support groups (Grief, Anger Management, Healthy Relationships, Getting Connected, Study Skills, and Socialization)

    Mental Health Specialist

    Angie Curiel ext 6785

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    Career Center 

    Career Center Technician

    Michelle Morris ext 6589


    Social Media

    VMHS Counseling Department now has a Facebook Page. This is a great way to learn about upcoming events and deadlines. Please click on the link below and "like" the page:
     facebook  Vista Murrieta High School Counseling Department


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