•  Enrollment Timeline

    November 5

    School sites accept NEW  Intra-district transfer requests (K-12) Intra-District = a transfer between schools within MVUSD.

    Intra-district Transfer Requests between schools within the Murrieta Valley School District are processed at the school site.  Please submit the Intra-district requests to the school site that you would like your child to attend.

    January 7

    District accepts NEW and RENEWAL Inter-district transfer requests for the upcoming school year. 

    Inter-district = a transfer between schools in different districts.  Typically the school district of residence will notify MVUSD of your request to transfer if they have approved your student's release from their district.  However, if the home district provides you with their signed Inter-district release, you can submit your request in person to the Murrieta Valley Unified School District Office located at 41870 McAlby Court or via email to sshockley@murrieta.k12.ca.us 

    February 4 Online Pre-Enrollment begins for all students new to the Murrieta Valley Unified School District, including Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.

    February 11

    Final day of Open Enrollment for NEW or RENEWAL of Inter-district transfer requests MVUSD.  Please turn them in no later than this date for the upcoming school year.

    February 11

    Final day to submit (NEW) INTRA-DISTRICT transfer requests at the School Site you would like your child to attend. 

    March 4

    Onsite registration appointments begin for Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and New enrollments to MVUSD. Please contact the school site to make an appointment to complete registration and turn in documents such as: birth certificate/verification of age, immunization records, verification of residency and more depending on the grade level of your student. 

    June 10

    Open Enrollment INTRA-district and INTER-district Transfer decision notifications to parents will be sent no later than this date.


    *All transfers that are turned in after 2/11/22 will be considered on a case by case basis


    Inter and Intra District Questions? 

    Please contact the desired school site enrollment tech for questions regarding the status of your interdistrict permit request.

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        Helpful Tips

    • Intra-district transfer requests (inside the district) are processed at the school site.  Submit the Intra-district Transfer request to the school site you wish to have the student attend.


    • To complete enrollment for new students, all registration forms, birth certification/verification of age, immunization records, physical and verification of residence must be turned in to the school.


    • Periodically, MVUSD Schools may be at or near capacity. When that occurs, new students may be assigned to another school within MVUSD where classroom space is available. For current information on a school's enrollment capacity, contact the school office.


  • All students in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) are ensured an equal access to all available courses and educational and co-curricular programs.  All students have equal access to educational facilities and evaluation procedures. This non-discrimination policy includes access to all the career technical education programs and activities.  The Murrieta Valley Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, immigration status, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, parental/marital or family status, primary language, medical condition, genetic information, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. The Board prohibits, at any district school or school activity, unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on the protected characteristics named above.   

Last Modified on September 14, 2021