• Educational Services

    The Mission of Educational Services: 

    Advocate for Students and Schools with Integrity, Service and Teamwork

    • Advocate for student success in all that we do
    • Advocate for schools because we believe they are exemplary
    • Serve with integrity. Emphasize leadership, reflective practice and teamwork

    Educational Services Vision

    We believe our primary purpose is to inspire staff to find unique contributions so they in turn can inspire all students to think, to learn, to achieve, to care.

    We believe that all students can be inspired. We will advocate for student success through quality curriculum, student support, educational accountability and diverse programs. We believe that we make a difference for all students.

    We believe that all our schools are exemplary. We support site administration and staff through leadership, reflective practices, organization and teamwork. We are passionate about the work we do and will continually search for ways to improve.

    We believe that integrity is our key to success. We will show through our actions that we are competent, trustworthy, supportive, and caring. We will always respond to requests from site administrators and staff for our assistance. We will work together as a team and support each other.

Last Modified on January 6, 2012