• Career and Technical Education

    Career Technical Education (CTE) is an educational model that combines high school and post-secondary academics with credentialed hands-on training to prepare students for their career of choice. CTE prepares students for post-secondary education, the military, the workforce, and life.

    MVUSD CTE pathways implement and promote a three-course sequence for Career and Technical Education pathways. CTE pathways have been expanded at the comprehensive high schools. Currently, MVUSD offers the following pathways:

    Arts and Media Entertainment

      Arts, Media & Entertainment


    Engineering & Design




    Tourism & Recreation



    Business and Finance  

     Business & Finance

     Fashion & Design  

    Fashion &

    Interior Design

     Info & Tech  

    Info. & Communication Technologies


    Education Child Development  

    Education, Child Development &

    Family Services

     Health Science  

    Health Science & Medical Technology

       Public Service

     Public Services (Forensics &

    Law Enforcement)


    CTE Data:

    # of CTE Participants

    # of CTE Completers

    High Quality Curriculum

    2018-19   2982

    2018-19  270 Estimate

    543 Students earned college credit


    2017-18  182

     19 UC A-G approved courses

    Introducing our new Fire Science Pathway 2019-2020 (see flier)


    CTE Advisory Council

    The CTE Advisory Council is comprised of CTE teachers, counselors, and administrators who provide input on the CTE program and pathways offered in our district. If you are interested in being involved in this committee, or if you know of community or business members who would be interested in serving on this committee in order to provide input about our program and insights from the business world, please contact Valerie Backus, CTE Coordinator. 

    CTE Resources:

    MVUSD CTE Class Listing


    This page is designed to support Career and Technical Education teachers by providing news, information, and resources that will help them implement their programs, articulate with colleges and other post-secondary programs, and connect with the community and business world. If you have resources that you think would be helpful to share on this site, please send them to CTE Coordinator, Valerie Backus

Last Modified on May 20, 2021