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    Safe Schools Program

    The Murrieta Valley Unified Safe Schools program received the prestigious 2008 Golden Bell Award from the California School Boards Association. The district-wide Safe Schools Program reduces incidents on and off school campuses and includes an extensive school and law enforcement partnership, staff and parent trainings and student lead activities which have developed a culture of communication throughout district schools.

    School Safety Plans

    Schools are required by Ed. Code 32280-32289 to write a comprehensive School Safety Plan. The plans are reviewed and rewritten each year; they are approved by the Superintendent every five years. The results of each annual review are shared in the School Accountability Report Cards which are available to the public on request in the school principals offices. For more information, contact school principals or Dale Velk.

    Emergency Preparedness

    Each school in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District has an Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan which specifies procedures for dealing with fire, flood, earthquakes, acts of violence, hazardous materials, disaster recovery organization and student accountability following a significant emergency or disaster. Emergency drills (evacuation, duck & cover, and lockdown) are conducted regularly throughout the school year, and each school site maintains an emergency bin of basic survival necessities. For more information on emergency preparedness, contact school principals or Dale Velk.

    Cyber Safety

    Resources to promote safe internet use at home and in the classroom.  

    Safe Routes to School

    Included in each school's comprehensive School Safety Plan are any school-developed strategies or safe corridor maps for safe ingress and egress of pupils, parents, and school employees to and from school.

    Discrimination and Harassment

    Murrieta Valley Unified School District maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination. Religious, racial, or sexual harassment or violence against students or employees is discrimination. read more. . .

    Home To School Safety Patrols

    A School Safety Committee sponsored by the school district, Murrieta Valley Council PTA and the Murrieta Police Department... read more...

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