• School Safety

    The first priority of any school district is the safety and wellness of its students and staff. MVUSD has been very proactive in both preventing and preparing for emergencies and this work is ongoing. As we know, no safety or security plan is infallible, but we work continuously in these areas to make our schools as safe as possible. We continue to review our comprehensive safety plan, consult with experts in the field of school safety and crisis management, train in active shooter drills and conduct drills in our schools and office buildings with our students and staff, and provide social, emotional support and mental health services for students.

    The district receives a tremendous amount of support and protection from Murrieta Police and Fire, as well as support and protection from the Riverside County Sheriff:  

    • RCS, together with Murrieta Police Department, have six School Resource Officers, one Corporal & one Sergeant assigned to juvenile services. These officers patrol and monitor schools and work with staff and administrators to ensure a safe learning environment.
    • Each secondary school has a School Resource Officer assigned to them, with middle and elementary schools sharing School Resource Officers.
    • School Resource Officers are trained in their expected roles, conduct drills and are familiar with the physical layout of each school.

    Among other initiatives, we have video surveillance cameras at all MVUSD buildings, a Visitor Management System at schools that scans each visitor’s government photo identification and prints a badge, and we use a mass communication software system that allows us to contact thousands of families quickly.

    Increasingly important is the work we do on a daily basis with social emotional learning and providing mental health services to ensure our students and staff feel safe within our schools.  In 2017, the district spent over $1 million on mental health support and services for our students. 

    Parents and students are encouraged to partner with us to keep our schools safe by being aware of what is going on at schools and if they see something or hear something that sounds questionable or dangerous, say something to an adult staff member.

    There are multiple ways to report suspicious or illegal behavior or safety concerns:

    • Talk to a teacher or school administrator
    • Call Murrieta Police Department’s 24-hour dispatch (951) 696-3615
    • Call the Riverside County Sheriff's office dispatch (951) 696-3000
    • Use the Tip Line. Report your concern on the tip line page


    Dale Velk
    (951) 696-1600 ext. 1155

    School Safety Plans

    Schools are required by Ed. Code 32280-32289 to write a comprehensive School Safety Plan. The plans are reviewed by parents, staff and stakeholders and rewritten each year; they are approved by the Superintendent every five years. The results of each annual review are shared in the School Accountability Report Cards which are available to the public on request in the school principals' offices. For more information, contact your school principal or Dale Velk.

    Emergency Preparedness

    Each school in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District has an Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan which specifies procedures for dealing with fire, flood, earthquakes, acts of violence, hazardous materials, disaster recovery organization and student accountability following a significant emergency or disaster. Emergency drills (evacuation, duck & cover, and lockdown) are conducted regularly throughout the school year, and each school site maintains an emergency bin of basic survival necessities. For more information on emergency preparedness, contact your school principal or Dale Velk.

    Cyber Safety

    Resources to promote safe internet use at home and in the classroom.  


    Discrimination and Harassment

    Murrieta Valley Unified School District maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination. Religious, racial, or sexual harassment or violence against students or employees is discrimination. read more. . .