• Professional Development


    Our Mission

    The goal of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District Staff Development Program is to improve the quality of classroom instruction by increasing the skills and competence of all teachers, thereby improving educational opportunities for the district's students.

    Programs Designed to Support New Teachers

    Programs Designed to Support Experienced Teachers

    These programs operate under the auspices of the Teacher Support Network Joint Committee, a seven-member panel composed of three district administrators and four Murrieta Educator Association representatives.

    MEA representatives

    • Leslie Hahn -  Middle School Representative
    • Kayla Paterson - Elementary School Representative
    • Miranda Sather - Murrieta Mesa High School
    • Dennine Harrison - Special Education Teacher Representative

    District representatives

    • Daniel Baldwin - Principal, Lisa J. Mails Elementary School
    • Rachel Duffy - Special Education Program Specialist
    • Leigh Lockwood - Director of Human Resources

    The Peer Assistance and Review Committee is expanded to thirteen members quarterly and serves as the district’s Teacher Induction Advisory Committee. The committee’s purpose is to oversee the district’s state accredited Induction program. The California Commission for Teacher Credentialing has approved the district’s plan, enabling new teachers with a preliminary credential to clear their credential over a two-year period.

    In addition to the identified Peer Assistance and Review Joint Committee members above, the additional members include:

    Teacher Induction Advisory Committee non-voting members

    • Craig Bartholio, Azusa Pacific University, IHE Representative
    • Melissa Woolfrey- Induction Mentor Representative
    • Courtnee Johnson - Induction Candidate Representative
    • Sean McCarthy - Induction Program Director / Coordinator of Staff Development
    • Jill Buschhausen - Induction Program Coordinator / TOSA
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding professional development, please contact Sean McCarthy at 951-696-1600 Ext. 1280 or Erica Franklin at Ext. 1028.




Last Modified on August 13, 2021