• Teacher Support Network (TSN)

    The Teacher Support Network (TSN) is an individualized support system for experienced, tenured teachers in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District.

    Major Emphasis

    A major component of the District's Teacher Support Network is intensive, individual support for experienced teachers. Veteran teachers who volunteer to participate develop a strong supportive relationship with their coach, the consulting teacher, which is fundamental to the success of all support strategies.  Reasons for voluntary participation include, but are not limited to: change of grade level/subject matter; classroom management support; working with diverse learners; and engaging and supporting all students in learning.  

    Participating Teachers

    Experienced teachers participate in TSN either on a volunteer or referred basis. All aspects of volunteer participation are confidential.

    Referred teachers enter the program as a result of the formal evaluation process and the evaluator continues as an active member of the team assisting and reviewing the growth of the participant.

    Consulting Teachers

    The role of the consulting teacher is that of a coach. They work with TSN participating teachers in and out of the classroom meeting during and after school hours. During this time, the consulting teacher observes and coaches, assists with short and long-term planning, designs classroom management strategies, teaches demonstration lessons, provides curriculum resources, and guides the teacher in reflecting on their practice, self-assessing, and goal-setting.

    Significance of the Program

    Research shows that with intensive support, teachers demonstrate higher levels of professional development and greater competence in working with diverse students. In addition, studies report increased job satisfaction and longevity in the teaching profession.

    The District's Teacher Support Network of integrated support, self-assessment and confidentiality creates an atmosphere that encourages teachers to develop excellence in classroom instruction and to deepen their understanding of academic content. This process of formative, ongoing growth within a community of learners is an essential component of teacher development and school reform.

    The support offered is specific to each teacher's context. Participating teachers are provided sanctioned time and structured opportunities to work with consulting teachers who build on a teacher's prior knowledge and validate his/her experiences.

    Release time opportunities are offered during the year for reflection, classroom observations, curriculum planning and staff development, based on availability and approval of program funds.

    For more information, please review the TSN Joint Committee Rules and Procedures linked HERE.  


    National Board Certification

    The Teacher Support Network also includes support for teachers who wish to pursue National Board Certification based on availability and approval of program funds. This year long process requires building a portfolio of evidence based on planning, teaching, and reflecting on outcomes and student success. The NBCT application culminates in an on-line assessment of teaching skills.

    Additional Benefits

    Based on available funds the Teacher Support Network provides MVUSD teachers access to additional resources, designed to support their professional growth related to their academic field/teaching practices. These resources may include:

    • Conferences designed to increase teaching skill and/or academic expertise

    • Release time to observe colleagues teach

    • Conference funding for those who desire to increase their professional expertise and commit to sharing the gained knowledge with students and peers

    Overarching Program Goals

    • To meet the individual needs of experienced teachers

    • To promote teacher autonomy and provide resources which enhance instructional programs and expand training opportunities

    • To encourage on-going reflection, self-assessment and professional growth

    • To promote professional development in a non-judgmental atmosphere

    • To provide a program in which the advancement of skills and knowledge of teaching continues and is supported beyond the first years of teaching 

    How to Apply

    To request voluntary TSN support and/or National Board Certification support, please contact the program secretary, Erica Franklin for appropriate forms.  Once completed forms are received they will go to the TSN Joint Committee (on an anonymous basis for voluntary TSN) for approval.  An email notification will then be sent by the program secretary advising of the committee's decision.  For further information please feel free to contact any of the seven TSN Joint Committee members or the program facilitators Sean McCarthy and Jill Buschhausen.   

Last Modified on October 29, 2021