• OMADA Health

    REEP has contracted with Omada Health to provide wellness program services. Omada Health program will be focused on diabetes/hypertension and weight management and will be offered to qualified MVUSD employees enrolled in either an Anthem or Kaiser Permanente medical plan.

    The goal of this program is to help REEP members:

    • Lose weight (and keep it off) with small, sustainable lifestyle changes
    • Build strategies for healthy eating, activity, sleep and stress management
    • Reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke

     The Omada Health program will provide qualifying REEP members with the following:

    • A dedicated, professional health coach provides participants with proactive, real-time support and motivation throughout the entire program
    • Rigorous scientific data analysis – in real-time – is used to determine exactly how to deliver the right personalized interventions, at the right time, to each individual participant
    • Participants are matched into online peer groups for encouragement and healthy competition
    • Participants learn how to eat healthier, increase activity levels, and overcome challenges through fun games and interactive lessons
    • Connected scale, web and mobile apps track weight, activity and food

    To watch a virtual Omada Health Informational Session click here

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Last Modified on April 27, 2021