• Student Teachers, College Field Workers and Student Observers 

    If you are interested in Student Teaching/ College Field Worker placement in our district, please have your University/College Advisor, Placement Coordinator or Speech/Language Pathologist complete the 24/25 Placement Request Form below. Please note, a submission is required at least four weeks in advance and for each school year the assignment spans.  

    This includes placements for:  

    • General Education Teaching Credential 
    • Special Education Teaching Credential 
    • School Psychology 
    • School Counseling 
    • Speech Language Pathologist 
    • Speech Language Pathologist Assistant  
    • Marriage and Family Therapists 
    • School Social Workers 
    • Observations (21 hours or more) 
    • Preclinical Experience  
    • School Nurses 
    • Occupational Therapists  

    ***For Speech Language Pathologist Assistant candidates, in addition to submitting the form, please contact Connie Wilson, Personnel Technician at cwilson@murrieta.k12.ca.us 

    Click here to fill out a request.

    Before submitting a request, please keep in mind the following:  

    • University students will not be placed at the same site their own children attend. 
    • University students will not be placed at the same site their relative works. 
    • University students will not be placed at the same site they currently work at (current MVUSD Employees). The applicant shall request a leave of absence from the division of Human Resources  
    • An MOU/ University Agreement is required between the university and our district. Please keep in mind, if we do not have an active MOU on file, it can delay the onboarding process for up to a month or more. Universities not currently affiliated with MVUSD may review the MOU guidelines by clicking here 
    • University students are not allowed to show up to campus to begin their placement until they have officially received clearance from HR.  
    • University students will be required to complete our onboarding process before they can begin placement. Items include:  
        • Recent TB test (within last 60 days)  
        • Live scan (fingerprint clearance) 
        • Completion of HR paperwork (onboarding packet) 
        • Keenan online trainings 
        • Badge pick-up 
    • University students might be interviewed as part of the onboarding process  


    University Student Observations (only for assignments that need less than 20 hours)  

    This is not the traditional student teacher placement and usually is less than 20 hours of observations in a classroom. Please contact the specific school site Principal directly to request permission if you need to observe a classroom. MVUSD will not make an observation placement for you unless it is 21 hours or more; you will need to do this by reaching out to the school of interest.  

Last Modified on April 22, 2024