• Opt-Out Option

    All benefit-eligible Certificated, Management, and full-time Classified employees, who provide proof of other health insurance coverage have the option to opt-out of medical coverage while retaining dental, vision, and life insurance through the district.

    Who is Eligible? All Certificated, Management, and full-time Classified employees benefit-eligible employees who have proof of other medical coverage can elect to opt-out of medical insurance but keep their dental, vision, and life.

    How do I sign up? Eligible employees who currently take health insurance will need to complete the opt-out form and provide proof of other coverage to the Risk Management team.  New employees will also need to complete the form, and send back to the Risk Management team along with the documentation of their other coverage.  New employees will decline medical coverage through Benefit Bridge and elect their other ancillary benefits, dental, vision and life/AD&D. 

    What is Proof? You will need to provide a copy of your current health insurance card or a letter from your insurance company confirming that you are covered and sent to the Risk Management team. 

    What plans do I get? Eligible employees opting-out of medical coverage will be able to elect any of the three dental plans (Delta Delta PPO Incentive, Delta Dental PPO, and Anthem Dental). Vision insurance will be provided through Medical Eye Services and Life insurance ($50,000) and Accidental Death & Dismemberment ($1,000) will be provided through MetLife. Employees opting out of medical still have to elect the  Dental, Vision, and Life/AD&D bundle.

    What will this cost? Eligible employees who opt-out of medical will use their health and welfare contribution from the district towards the premium cost of the dental, vision, and life/AD&D which results in a zero payroll deduction for the employee.  While the premiums for the dental, vision, and life/AD&D elections will be at no monthly to the employee and there is no "refund" of unused benefit cap amounts.

Last Modified on May 6, 2020