• Complete Care 


    Complete Care Benefits 

    • Reimbursement for qualified deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance or other out-of-pocket expenses for medical and prescription drug services and supplies up to a maximum of $9,100 per year for single coverage and $18,200 per year for family coverage
    • For those employees who remain with the REEP Medical Plan when enrolling all of their dependents in the CompleteCare program, the insurance premium will be reduced to the single rate, reducing or potentially eliminating their premium. Please contact the Benefits Team for rates and enrollment details. 
    • Premium reimbursement if the cost of the other plan exceeds the premium contribution thatyou would have paid to remain/enroll on the REEP medical plan up to a monthly maximum of $100/single, $200/2-party and $300/family (Not common).


    Complete Care is available to all benefit eligible District employees and their dependents, who are currently enrolled in a REEP Medical Plan through the district (for at least 12 months) or become benefit eligible as a new hire, and who choose to utilize other qualified group health plan options instead of electing a REEP medical plan.  

    How Does the Complete Care work?

    Employees who have access to a qualified alternate group health plan, other than the REEP Medical Plans may qualify for the Complete Care.  When an employee enrolls in Complete Care, they will:
    • Waive coverage for themselves and/or their dependents under the REEP Medical Plan or elect a reduced premium medical plan for themselves
    • Dependents remain or transition into a qualified alternate plan other than a REEP Medical Plan (i.e. your spouse’s plan) 
    • Enroll in Complete Care and receive reimbursement for qualified out-of pocket expenses.

    Please note, IRS rules state you cannot enroll in Complete Care if your alternate coverage is: 

    • A high deductible health plan with an HSA contribution
    • Medicare
    • Tricare or VA
    • An Individual policy

    Complete Care - What You Need To Know:

    • You must submit a claim form and proper receipt per the instructions you will receive in your enrollment packet
    • Pharmacies do not currently accept the Complete Care ID Card so a paper claim reimbursement is required
    • Click HERE to watch an informational video about the Complete Care program, presented by Keenan.
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Last Modified on April 26, 2023