Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Options

  • Age Eligibility:

    2022-23 SY Eligibility DOB 9/2/17 - 2/2/18


    2023-24 SY Eligibility 4 year olds with DOB 9/2/18 - 6/1/19


    Program Schedule:

    Half Day: AM/PM Sessions.

    Full Day with extended day option listed below.



    Extended Day Options:

    •    Fee-based/free for qualifying families
    •    Enrichment activities through the end of the school day
    •    Separate from the SEED before/after school program



    Free for the traditional half-day, am/pm session.

    We are offering a fee-based, free for qualifying families extended day option that provides age-appropriate enrichment activities through the end of the school day. Families must meet income eligibility guidelines to qualify for the free or low-cost fee. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Modified on July 27, 2023