• Enrollment Timeline

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    **Please note-There is no deadline for new student enrollment.

      November 6

      • Schools begin accepting NEW  Intra-district transfer (transfer within MVUSD schools) requests for all grade levels. Starting in the 24/25 school year, Intra-district transfer requests between schools are processed through Student Support at the district office. Please submit the transfer request and a current utility bill to:

        • 23/24 Current school year, turn in the Intra request to the school of your choice.
        • 24/25 Next school year, turn in via email to the Student Support Division. 

      January 8

      • The NEW and RENEWAL Inter-district transfer (transfer from an outside school district) period opens for the upcoming school year. 

        Typically, the school district of residence will notify MVUSD of your request to transfer once they have released your student and approved your transfer to MVUSD.  However, if the home district provides you with their signed inter-district release, please submit the signed release via email to our central registration or in person at the District Support Center located at 41870 McAlby Court.

      February 5

      • Online Pre-Enrollment begins for all new students.  If a school is at or near capacity, new students may be assigned to another school within the district where classroom space is available. Student school assignment is based on online pre-enrollment status and submission of all documents.   

        Registration appointments are available if you are having problems, or need assistance in completing the online enrollment.  Registration appointments    

        If you have completed the online enrollment, NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY.

      February 16

      • Final day of open enrollment for NEW or RENEWAL TRANSFER REQUESTS, Inter-district (from outside the district) and Intra-district (from within the district). Inter-district and intra-district approvals must be submitted to central registration via email or in-person.

        Transfers that are submitted after 2/16/24 will be considered on a case by case basis.


      June 14

      • Intra and Inter Transfer decision notifications to parents will be sent no later than this date. Transfers that are submitted after 2/16/24 will be considered on a case by case basis.   

      Last Modified on March 11, 2024