• What do I need to enroll my child? 

    1. Complete New Student Online Enrollment
    2. Proof of residency
    3. Proof of Birth/Verification of Age - Birth certificate, Baptismal certificate, Passport, Adoption/Foster Care Record, Hospital Birth Record, Affidavit of Parent/Guardian
    4. Immunization Verification
    5. The Report of Health Examination letter for entry to kindergarten and first grade must be signed and dated by the doctor performing the physical. The physical exam may be done up to a maximum of six months prior to entry into kindergarten. You may also submit a  Health Exam Waiver
    6. Proof of Dental Assessment for first time enrollees to school (TK, K or 1st grade).
    7. TK Continuance Form  This form is required for all TK students
    8. Emergency Contacts and Health Information - This is completed online as part of the enrollment process.  Please provide at least three (3) emergency contact numbers to be used in the event the child is ill or injured. A health history with pertinent health and medication information is also required.
    9. Grades - For students in grades 1 - 5, provide their most current report card, progress report, or promotion certificate.  For students in 6-12, provide their transcript and check-out grades, if applicable.
Last Modified on June 13, 2023