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  • Bronoc Nation Association leadership program will promote a sense of unity, togetherness, and a shared identity among individuals attending Vista Murrieta High School and students will engage in skilled leadership lessons, activities, and events that support student achievement, promote unity through cultural diversity, develop a climate of belonging on campus, and create partnerships with the community at large. Students will be inspired and inspire others to think, to learn, to create and care, with CLASS.

    At Vista Murrieta High School, our students, staff, and families are all a part of the Bronco Nation. The Bronco Nation Association is a leadership class that seeks to develop student leaders in accordance with the MVUSD “Profile of a Graduate,” to advance the vision of ensuring that everyone has a “seat at the table,” and through four pillars of excellence:

    • Support Student Achievement.
    • Promote unity through Diversity.
    • Develop a climate of belonging on campus.
    • Create Partnerships with the community at large.



    Bronco Nation Application