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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Olivet Nazarene University Elementary Education - Music Ed k-5 Credential Endorsement M.A. Azusa Pacific University - Education Specialist

Ms. Esther Henderson

Welcome to the 2023/2024 School Year at Vista Murrieta High School!

I am very excited to start my second year at Vista Murrieta High School.  I look forward to working with your child to help them be successful this year!

The following are the classes I teach at Vista Murrieta High School and the expectations set forth.  Please read a little info about each class.  For more detail, please check my Canvas pages.

Study Skills:

On most days, two grades are collected that go toward the grade in Study Skills:

Planner completion is 5 points:  We focus on organization and follow-through on completing assignments.  Students are given a planner at the beginning of the year, and in Study Skills we check the planner to see that students are actively using it to help guide them towards good habits. Students are expected to have at least 3 entries per class period in the planner, along with page numbers, dates, titles of assignments, so that when they reference it, they have clear knowledge of what work they should be completing.

Participation is 5 points: Students are expected to remain quiet throughout the duration of Study Skills.  This shows support to the class by allowing everyone a successful work environment that fosters productivity for all.  If a student doesn't have any work to complete (all assignments are turned in and work that is due is done), they are to read, or find an educational activity to maintain learning.  Students are allowed to collaborate with each other quietly and help others in the classroom, as long as their work is completed, or if they are working on a project together.  

Phones are expected to stay in the cell phone holder during class, unless special arrangements are made for the use of the phone toward a class assignment.

Transitional Math Basic:

This course is designed to reinforce foundational skills and concepts necessary for transition and success in Math 1.  Students study real numbers, expressions and equations, congruency and similarity of figures, functions and linear relationships, the Pythagorean theorem, perimeter, area, and volume of shapes, as well as many other math concepts that prepare students for Math 1.  Students routinely use the standards for mathematical practice to make sense of problems, justify solutions and conclusions, model with mathematics, and strategically use technology to analyze and solve real-world problems.  

Grading is based off participation and passing of quizzes and tests that measure understanding of the content.  Students should come to class with pencil, paper, and a positive attitude.  I currently have calculators for students to use in the classroom.

Please feel free to contact me at my work number here at the school - 951-894-5750 X6558