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    The VMHS Math Department curriculum is structured on the California Framework for Mathematics and uses the state standards for math in each subject to guide curriculum development and assessment decisions. Subject area teams work collaboratively to share experience, knowledge and resources so that each student receives not only the benefits of an outstanding teacher, but an education that is the sum of the talents of many teachers. Teachers in the department are committed to helping students develop to their potential in mathematics. The district requires students to take three years of math for graduation. Realizing that students come to us with differing abilities in math, Vista Murrieta offers a variety of courses in an attempt to get each student to achieve success in math.


                                                        Department Chairperson:  Howard Nelson


         Mathematics Courses:

    • Transitional Math
    • Math 1 and Advanced Math 1
    • Math 2 and Advanced Math 2
    • Math 3 and Advanced Math 3
    • Mathematical Reasoning With Connections (MRWC)
    • Dual Enrollment Math (Math 105 College Algebra and Math 110 College PreCalculus)
    • Calculus
    • AP Calculus AB and BC
    • AP Statistics
    • Math 90
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications


    Math 1 through Math 3 is essential for California students to succeed on the CAASPP Test. Murrieta Valley Unified School District mathematics staff and administration analyzed the effects of these requirements on the academic success of students in Math 1-3. Our research concluded:


    • • Mathematics is commonly referred to as the gateway subject into college and Math 1-3 success is critical
      • Three years of mathematics is required to obtain a high school diploma. Students are likely to follow Math 1 with Math 2 and Math 3 
      • Success in Math 3 is possible only when a student has a solid foundation in Math 1 and Math 2


    Students must take the CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) as a junior in High School. Colleges in California are now looking at a student's Math coursework and CAASPP score to designate the math course that the student can take. 

    Textbook Adoption 2019: Pearson

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