• Visual Arts Department

    Instructors: Jason Bowen (V.A.Chairperson), Linda Hayes, Curtis Page, and Lindsay Ricketts

    As a department, it is our goal in the Visual Arts Department to offer the widest possible selection of Visual Arts classes to the students at Vista Murrieta High School. Current courses include: Art and Design 1, Advanced Drawing and Painting, AP Studio Art, Graphic Design 1, 2 and 3, Digital Photography 1, 2 and 3 and also Ceramics 1, 2 and 3.

    As teachers, we hope to bring our love of the Arts to all of the students at Vista Murrieta and to prepare them to be members of a diverse society in which their appreciation of the Arts can grow and develop throughout their lifetime. It is our wish that they maintain an appreciation of the Arts, no matter what path they may choose in life.

    One of our goals as a department is to have students show their work in local contests. One such contest is the annual Press Enterprise High School Art Show held annually at the Museum of Art in Riverside . This contest, held every April/May, is a great way to expose the students to the world of Art on a larger scale.  Students will also be entering work in other contests and displaying their work, both in the school and the community. We are also planning the creation of a new, annual event for the Visual Arts in which students will hold workshops and display artwork here on campus for the community and other students to attend.

    We are also excited to offer students in the Arts a chance to letter in the Arts and to wear a cord at graduation if they participate in the Fine Arts Academy. There, students can earn points through activities and classes to reach that goal before graduation. Click FAA Points System for forms and info and Student Points Log to help track your points. Contact an art teacher or Mr. Bowen for more information.

    We also have many clubs for anyone interested in the Arts. These include The Button Club, Graphic and Arts Society, Photo Club, and Mud Club.

    Below are some descriptions of our classes, as described by the instructors:

    Digital Photography

    Digital Photography students learn how to make images like a pro and print them in color as they build a portfolio of their work.  Students move through several "hands-on" learning modules, which include: Photoshop, Special Effects, Studio Portraiture (why go to the mall?), Advertising & Product Photography, Scrap-booking, Hand coloring and On-Campus photography.  Students are strongly recommended to have access to a digital camera.  Learn lifelong skills and techniques which could earn you a job.

     Art and Design

    An introduction to the world of Visual Arts in the form of drawing and painting. Here, students will learn the basics of Art through projects designed to focus on the elements of art and the principles of design. Students will have the chance to explore the arts and learn about their own creativity in a series of hands on assignments throughout the year. This will hopefully enable them to see what their strengths are and gear them for more advanced classes in the Arts.

    Graphic Design

    Students in Graphic Design learn to use the most current computer graphic software to create a variety of projects for print media and for motion graphics. Software used includes Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and Adobe After Effects). We also offer opportunities for students to learn how to silk screen t-shirts.
Last Modified on February 4, 2022