Dual Enrollment refers to a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses and earn credit for both high school and college through our partnership with Mt. San Jacinto Community College. The credits earned can be applied towards both their high school diploma and college degree. Dual Enrollment can be a great option for students who are looking to challenge themselves academically and gain college-level experience before graduating from high school. It can also help students save time and money on their college education, as they can enter college with credits already completed. In addition, Dual Enrollment can improve a student's college application and give them an edge when applying to competitive universities. 

Goals of the Program

    • Afford current high school students the opportunity to enroll in dual-credit courses
    • Expand student access to affordable higher education
    • Provide challenging academic and occupational experiences for qualified high school students during their sophomore, junior, and senior years
    • Reduce the cost of higher education for students and their families


    Successful completion of transfer courses will enable students to simultaneously earn college credit transferable to two and four year colleges and universities, while satisfying high school graduation requirements. Successful completion of occupational courses will allow students to earn college credits, to satisfy high school graduation requirements, and to assist in the transition to community college, job opportunities, or careers. 

Program Coordinators:

Last Modified on June 11, 2024