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    Friday - March 27, 2020

    Hi 5th Graders,

    Today, I would like for you to check in on our Haiku site to read amessage I have for you all! I would like foryou to try this site out,(make bookmark even, so it's easier to find), as this is the place,where you will checkdaily, starting April 6th. So come on over andcheck it out!


    Thank you all, for your willingness to try out some new methods oflearning remotely!

    See you on our Haiku page! =)
    Mrs. Ames



    Thursday - March 26, 2020

    Hi Room 33 Fifth Graders,

    Today we are going to try to login to our new class website on Haiku (PowerSchool Learning). Try this link out Haiku (Mrs. Ames' Class and sign in, using the login info below.

     Username: 9#ID

      Password: MvusdMMDD! (Our usual student password).

    On this page, you will see our Distance Learning Plans, important updates, as well as a page for Links our class needs. We will be adding to this website, as we progress, over the next few weeks. Please check this site daily, for updates and important information.  

    *Today's tasks : 

       *Respond to my question on our new Discussion Thread and check out this new class site.

       *Join in, on any of the Flipgrid - Abby's Adventures prompts

       *Continue working on activities from the district's Distance Learning Enrichment activities.

    **Also....please check Tovashal's Website front page for our new Staff Storytime & a new Visual Arts Contest that is available.

    Can't wait to see your responses on our Discussion thread on our new site. =)

    Mrs. Ames








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