• Welcome to Tovashal Elementary School Library! 

    I am excited to begin my 10th year working in the library at Tovashal! I am an avid reader myself and my goal is to inspire a love of reading for all students! I enjoy assisting students in finding that "just right" book. Our library has a wide selection of books, including popular fiction and non-fiction titles. I love receiving book recommendations from students/parents and if they are elementary appropriate, I  will always add them to my ongoing wish list. Including students in book choices helps them to begin recognizing authors, series, and a variety of genres. It also gets them involved in the library beyond just checking out a book. Please review our library policies with your children along with other valuable library information. 

     Happy Reading!                                

    Mrs. Glendinning

    951-696-1411 ext.2588


     Library hours

    Monday   8:15-1:30

    Tues-Fri  8:15-2:45


Last Modified on August 23, 2019