• Library Policies

    Please help your children to remember to bring their library book on their library day. Visiting the library and checking out books is a privlege and we expect all students to take care of their books and return them on time. During the first few library visits of the year, I go over many ways to take care of library books and I give tips on how to remember to bring the book back on time. When parents help remind their children at home about book care and making sure the books are in the backpack for return, this helps avoid library fines.



    Each teacher has a scheduled weekly library time when they visit the library to check out books. These library visits are 30 minutes. Books are due on the next scheduled library day. If a student is reading a chapter book and needs more time, they can let me know and the book can be renewed for another week. Students are welcome to return the book as soon as they are finished with them by placing the books in the "Book Return Wagon" outside the library door. Unfortunately due to our schedule, they will still need to wait until their library day to check out new books. 


    If a student has an overdue book or library fines for lost or damaged books, they will not be allowed to check out books until their books are returned or fines are cleared. 


    Fines are incurred when a book or books are lost or damaged. If a book has any type of liquid damage, we absolutely can not put it back into circulation due to mold that starts to grow on the book. If you would like to replace the book with the same exact copy, that is an option too. Cash or check only! We do not have means to process debit or credit cards.  Please contact me if you have any questions about library fines and payments or to discuss a financial hardships in clearing the fine. Brandie Glendinning 951-696-1411 ext.2588 or bglendinning@murrieta.k12.ca.us 


    Students with outstanding library fines or an unreturned book will still have their book/fine on their account at beginning of the next school year, which restricts them from checking out a new book. Leaving  fifth grade students will not be able to get their schedule/text books at middle school registration. MVUSD shares the same Destiny library program throughout all of our schools. When a student owes at another school, it automatically  shows up on the students profile. 


    Read them with clean hands

    No eating or drinking when reading or touching the book

    No writing or coloring in the book

    Keep library books away from young siblings and pets!

    Keep books clean and dry (*if it's a rainy day, parents may want to put the book in a ziplock bag)

    Do not take the library book into the bathroom to read, please!

    Do not throw, kick, drop, toss, or leave the book outside

    Do not dog ear (bend at top)  the pages to save your spot. Bookmarks are your friend!

    We want to make sure that these wonderful books are kept nice so others may enjoy them for years to come! 




Last Modified on August 29, 2023