ELA and Mathematics Skills Practice for Home

  • Language Arts

         Phonemic Awareness

    • Practice sound segmentation of words. ie:  s-n-a-p  (snap)
    • Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds in words.

         Phonics Word Practice

    • CVC words: real and nonsense words (ie: cat; zat)
    • Long and Short Vowel words with Blends and Digraphs

               (ie:  flag; thank; ride)

    • "R" controlled vowel words (ie: fur; dirt)
    • Vowel diphthongs and Vowel Digraphs (ie: boy; oil; August)
    • Special Vowel Patterns (ie: fruit; shy)
    • Regular/Irregular Plural words (ie:  cities; fries)
    • suffixes (ie:  rented; catching)
    • Multisyllabic Words (ie: surprise; railroad)
    • Spelling Patterns
    • Syllabication

         Reading Comprehension/Literary   

         Response and Analysis

    • retell facts and details in text
    • interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs
    • answer questions about stories read to improve comprehension

         Reading Fluency Practice

    • Sight Vocabulary Mastery Word List
    • Read with fluency, expression, and intonation
    • Goal: 100 wpm on a 2.9 reading level

         Vocabulary Development

    • antonyms/synonyms
    • multiple meaning words
    • compound words

        Written & Oral Language Conventions

    • Write complete sentences w/appropriate punctuation
    • Capitalize proper nouns, beginning of sentences, months, days, titles, and initials
    • Spell sight vocabulary word accurately

        Writing: Narratives and Opinion

    • Practice writing short stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
    • compare and contrast
    • cause and effect


        Number Sense

    • Write #'s correctly to 1,000.
    • Count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100,
    • Practice Place Value with hundreds, tens and ones.
    • Sums and Differences of 2 whole numbers up to 3 digits
    • Find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems.
    • Fractions
    • Money
    • Practice addition and subtraction w/ coins to one dollar. (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar

         Statistics, data analysis, & probability

    • +/- using charts, graphs, number sentences

        Measurement and Geometry

    • Measure inch/centimeter
    • Time: write the time to the hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour
    • Plane & solid shapes
    • Put together and take apart shape
Last Modified on April 6, 2020