• Welcome to the Murrieta Valley Unified Transportation Department 

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    Welcome to the 2021/2022 School Year! We wish all students a successful year! 


    The 2021/2022 Transportation Registration Form is now available 

    Please use the link below to easily register your student-all route information will be provided in August.  

    2021/2022 Registration Form



    Great News!!! There will be no bus pass fees charged for the 2021/2022 school year. 



            Annual Bus Pass                Non-Reduced Fee                   One Way Bus Pass              Non-Reduced Fee

    • 1st  Child:                             $395.00                                  1st Child:                             $200.00
    • 2nd Child:                             $365.00                                 2nd Child:                            $185.00
    • 3rd Child:                              $335.00                                 3rd Child:                            $170.00
    • No family shall pay more than $1095.00 annually                                  


             Annual Bus Pass            Reduced Fee                             One Way Bus Pass              Reduced Fee

    • 1st  Child:                             $135.00                                  1st Child:                              $ 70.00
    • 2nd Child:                            $125.00                                 2nd Child:                              $ 65.00
    • 3rd  Child:                            $115.00                                  3rd Child:                             $ 60.00 


     (Bus pass fees will resume again in the 2022/2023 school year - fees TBD)




    Receiving Your School Bus Pass

    • Please allow up to ten business days for processing
    • Bus passes will be given to the student by the driver on the school bus route
    • Your child may ride the bus during this period; there is no need to visit the district support center 
    • If after ten days your child still does not have a pass, please call the Transportation Department at 951-696-1600 x1195 or email mvusdbuspass@mvusd.k12.ca.us


    School Bus Pass Replacement

    • If you change your address during the school year, please contact Transportation so we can issue a bus pass with the correct route number and bus stop
    • Your address must be updated in AERIES before requesting a new bus pass
    • To update your student's AERIES account during the school year, you must go into the school's office and update your address in person

    Rider Eligibility 

    MVUSD offers transportation for eligible students: 

    Based on Individual Education Program (IEP)


    For eligible students living within their assigned home school, living more than:

    • 1.0 aerial mile from their home to elementary school
    • 2.0 aerial miles from their home to middle school
    • 3.0 aerial miles from their home to high school

    a row of MVUSD school busses Things to know

    That riding a school bus is much safer than using any other form of transportation - including personal vehicles, railroad and airline travel.

    • In support of teaching and learning, the Transportation Department provides approximately 3,000 students with safe and efficient school bus transportation.
    • Our Safety and Training personnel provide annual mobility and transportation training for students, as well as an extensive training program for bus drivers.
    • That all of our vehicles are inspected annually by CHP.
    • We are utilizing the new ZPASS+ that allows you to download the application and track when and where your child gets on and off the school bus. Please go to www.zpassplus.com for more information.


    For the safety and security of our student riders, your address in AERIES must be kept current throughout the entire school year.


Last Modified on March 17, 2022