• Welcome to Avaxat Elementary School

    Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome to the Avaxat Elementary School website! As you browse our website, you will find links to pages that will provide you with information about our school.
    Motto: Learn More, Respect All!
    Vision: Prepare all learners to live their dreams.
    Mission: We will provide extraordinary, standards-based education with an emphasis on cultivating each student's academic, emotional, and social potential.

    As the Principal and Instructional Leader for Avaxat and all stakeholders, my focus this year will be to improve academic achievement, improve student social-emotional well-being, and improve parent outreach.  

    • Student achievement is best served through a collaborative partnership between the teacher, student, parent, and administrator. Through open dialog and support from all parties, a student will see the value of education.  We have implemented a growth mindset which teaches students to set goals and persevere to achieve their goals.  
    • Student Social-Emotional Well Being: Studies show that students will not perform as well academically if their social-emotional needs have not been met. We are implementing SEL curriculum in our school to help support students on this journey.
    • Parent Outreach: Year after year, we encourage all parents and family members to take an active role in their child’s education. Avaxat offers many opportunities for you to share your child's experiences by volunteering in the classroom and/or becoming involved with our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Please feel free to consult with your child’s teacher regarding your interest in becoming a volunteer. Together we can make Avaxat a welcoming and friendly place for students to learn. 

    In closing, we have created an environment to help your child flourish. We are committed to creating positive memories for your children, daily! Though there shouldn’t be many, please feel free to contact the office with any concerns you have regarding your child’s education as they arise.

    Visit our school and District website to learn more about how the Murrieta Valley Unified School District is working to inspire every student to think, to achieve, to learn, and to care.

    Avaxat AVID Principal,

    Ocean Walker


Last Modified on October 11, 2022