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    Welcome to the Avaxat Elementary Library

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    Books in the library will be available for check out and pick up starting September 18, 2020.                      

    Books can now be placed on hold for pick up.  You can hold up to 2 books at a time. A notice will be emailed to the student when the book(s) is ready.  The notice will let you know where to pick up the book(s).

    Pick up day/time will be every Tuesday and Friday, 9:00 am-3:00 pm.   

    The book(s) will be due back to the school 7 days from the pick up date.  Books that are being returned can be dropped off in the office or placed in our return box in front of the school.

    Books placed on hold that have not been picked up within 7 days after the notice date will be returned to the shelves. 

    To place a book on hold you will need to sign into the Destiny Discover Online Catalog(the icon is below).  From there, you can search our school catalog.  Once you have found the book that you want, click the hold button. 

    If the book is in, it will be available for pick up on the next pick up day. If the book is already checked out, your wait will be longer.  If you accidently hold a book that you do not want, let me know right away so I can remove it.  


    Click the Destiny Discover Library Catalog icon to search for books.  

    To sign into Destiny Discover:

    Login: Use your student number

    Password: MvusdMMDD! (the MM is the student's 2-digit birth month and the DD are their 2-digit birth day). Example: April 14 will become Mvusd0414!

    Library Links:

    Murrieta Public Library 

    Library Contact Information

    Mrs. Titford - Library Technician

    Phone: (951)696-1402 Ext.4

    Email: ltitford@murrieta.k12.ca.us 

Last Modified on September 18, 2020