• California Young Reader Medal Program


    • Since 1974, children have been nominating, reading and voting for the winners of the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM).  Young people, teachers and librarians submit the titles of their favorite books for nomination.  Members of the CYRM committee read and discuss the submissions and decide upon a list of nominees.  Each year, students vote for the nominees and a winner is selected!

      To be considered for nomination, a book must be an original work of fiction, published within the last four years by a living author.

      Throughout the school year, our students will become familiar with the current nominees and in April of the 2018-2019 school year, the students at Murrieta Elementary will help decide the next California Young Reader Medal recipient.

      The winner of the 2020-2021 California Young Reader Medal is...Poor Louie

      Click the picture of the book to listen to the author read it out loud on YouTube.

       Poor Louie

      To view the California Young Reader Medal web page click the icon below.
Last Modified on January 28, 2022