• Welcome to the Thompson Middle School Library

    Library Hours during Covid-19 Closure Updated


    The Thompson Library is now open for library book check outs.  Request a library book or two through Destiny Discover today by placing them on hold.  


    The books you put on hold through Destiny Discover will be readied for pick ups that current week. Directions on how to do this are linked below.  An email confirmation will be sent to students and parents confirming the books are  ready for pick up and arrangements will be made at that time.


    Follow this link for the directions to put books on hold in Destiny Discover.


    Click on the icon below to go to Destiny Discover and search for Thompson Middle School.  In Destiny Discover you can search the library catalog to place books on hold for checkout or  access Lightbox titles.

    Destiny Discover icon  


    If students cannot make their pick up time they will need to email me to make other arrangements. Students can request 2 books with due dates of 3 weeks . 


    If you prefer to continue to check out E-books and audiobooks please visit our Sora App.


     SORA icon


    TMS Library Catalog/Destiny Discover and SORA log in information

    Username: 9 digit ID

    Password: TMS Student Password (Office 365 Password).  New students and 6th graders if your Office 365 password does not work please try the original district generated password you were given Mvusdmmdd! (Capital M lowercase v u s d mm= two digits for the month you were born dd= two digits for the day you were born exclamation point.  For example if your birthday is May 8th your password would be Mvusd0508!)


    Angie Barnett-Solorza

    TMS Librarian/Media Technician

    (951)696-1410 X4587



    Monday-8:15 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

    Tuesday- Friday 8:15 A.M.-3:30 P.M.

    The Library is open before school, at breaks, lunch and after school. The Library may occasionally be closed during testing, scheduled class visits or special events.  Students are welcome to come in during these times to work on homework, check out books, and work on the computers and print for school related assignments or projects.   Students may use the Library during the school day with their class or with a pass from their teacher. Students should have their ID cards available for book checkout.

    Tutoring and Homework Help 

    Mondays-2:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.