What is P.A.W. ?

    This is an opportunity for students to:  

    • Make-up absences.
    • Complete missing/incomplete assignments.
    • Receive help with missing work and/or homework from high school tutors and/or teachers.
    • Computers are available for students to access AERIES, Canvas, Office 365.

    The deadline to sign up is always the Wednesday prior to P.A.W.

    Other Information:

    • Students must arrive on time, stay the entire time, and come prepared with their materials.
    • Students must have missing work or current class work to complete to attend PAW.
    • Students for absence make-ups need to bring work to complete for their classes and/or can work on Imagine Math while attending PAW.
    • Students are offered a lunch on the same daily program that they use to purchase food at school. This must be requested on the permission slip or online form no later than the Wednesday before PAW Saturday.
    • Transportation is not available for PAW.

    PAW Dates 23