• 2019-2020  P.A.W.Schedule 


    September 14

    October 19

    November 16

    February 1

    March 7th  

    April 11 

    May 16


    Sign-Up Link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=47bwIPBFG0aN8rSLBRCnvcqyBVn0iRVDpJgvytY-f7RUMkZDSEhGSVg3NktXREZJN1dXN09SUUxTNy4u


    This is an opportunity for students to:

    • Make-up absences.
    • Complete missing/incomplete assignments.
    • Receive one-on-one help from high school tutors.
    • Help with organization.
    • Access to computers to access (AERIES/ABI, Haiku, Office 365).
    • Participate in enrichment classes (must be passing all classes to qualify)

    The deadline to sign up is always the Tuesday prior to P.A.W.

    Other Information:

    • Students must arrive on time, stay the entire time, and come prepared with their materials.
    • Students are offered a lunch on the same daily program that they use to purchase food. This must be requested on the permission slip or online form.
    • Transportation is not available for PAW.