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Room 34 Mr. Vogel mvogel@murrieta.k12.ca.us

  • Monday, March 30th   ****Only 3 Families to go!****

    SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!

    This link is now active to access our class Haiku page.  It's still being built, but it will be the main source of assignments and information.  Student access through your MS365 account

     Vogel Haiku

    username: 9 digit id

    password: the usual password

    FLIPGRID INSTRUCTIONS: New Flipgrid today!

    1.  Go to www.flipgrid.com

    2.  Click "Enter a Flip Code" - Enter - f08dff43

    3.  Log in using Microsoft 

    4.  Enter your email log in: 9-digit@mvusd.org - Then your district password 

    5.  Scroll down, find the first topic, then the green Plus sign to record a video

    6.  Follow the directions on the screen and finish posting your video to our class page.

    All videos must be appropriate for school and will be approved by me before it is visable


    Looking ahead:  April 6th - Distance Learning starts

    Students - Try logging into Office 365 to get familiar with it.  We will most likely be using this platform 

    Microsoft Student Accounts (office 365)

    Username: 9#@mvusd.org

    Password: Mvusd4digitbirthdate! (0101!) - The same for every program:)

    Please feel free to email me!

    Mr. Vogel