(ROOM 39)
    Welcome to the 3rd or 4th Grade!!! 
    You are about to embark on a very exciting journey of learning and discovery!
    Our class lines up on the blacktop at the numbers 40 and 41.   
    Please bring a backpack and a 1-inch binder with you to school. 
    (I will be sending home a lot of papers for parents to fill out and I don't want any of them getting lost.)
    Important times to remember:
    **School hours are 8:30am - 2:45pm (except Mondays)
    **Every Monday is "Early Release Day" which means your child is out of school at 1:50pm. 
    (This is to allow valuable planning time for the teachers.)
       3rd and 4th Grade - 10:35-10:55am
        3rd Grade - 12:00-12:40pm
        4th Grade - 12:20-1:00pm
    These are items I would like each child to have ASAP
    (If you cannot get these items, no problem...I will provide them.)
    • One - 1" binder (please DO NOT get the big, multi-pocket style...these don't fit into desks)
    • 2 - two-pocket dividers (plastic is better...the paper ones rip)
    • One - small pencil box (please, no big ones as they don't fit into desks)
    • One box of 24-count Crayola crayons (a small plastic crayon box would be great as well)
    • One backpack



    Classroom Community Wish List

    For Room 39


    We are a classroom community and these are items that we share (but please note, we don't need anything at this time.) I will send out requests as the year progresses...there just isn't enough storage space for everything.


    *Fine point, black Expo markers 


    *Cap erasers for pencils (the multi-colored ones break easily...the white/hi-polymer ones are the most durable)


    *Clorox/Lysol sanitizing wipes (we use a lot of these!)


    *Boxes of tissue (more when cold/flu season hits)


    *Hand Sanitizer (we have PLENTY for now)
    *Ticonderoga pencils (but we have sooooo many already)
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