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    Antelope Hills - Third and Fourth Grades

    Mrs. Zeller


    Supplies:  Donated supplies are greatly appreciated. Items we use often are: Expo Dry Erase markers (fine tip/black), glue sticks, and Ticonderoga pencils. 


    Grade Level Standards:  All assignments and assessments will be based on 3rd and 4th Grade Common Core Standards.  Throughout the year, I expect all students to set educational goals which will enable them to meet these standards.  They will be given many opportunities to improve their skills and their progress will be reflected in weekly assessments, progress reports, and report cards.  


    In Class Assignments: In class assignments should be finished during the allotted class time.  However, if more time is needed, assignments should be completed at home and will be due with homework the following morning.  Each additional day an assignment remains incomplete will result in a detention until the work is submitted.


    Homework: Assignments will be due daily. Missing assignments will result in a 5 minute recess detention until they are submitted.


    Reading at Home: Reading at home is the most important part of your child’s daily homework routine. It is the expectation that every child reads AT LEAST 20 minutes everyday. I am passionate about reading and what it does for a student's overall growth and development.


    Accelerated Reader: After completing a book in class or at home, the students will take a Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz on our classroom computers or when we visit the computer lab.  Each book is worth points based on the reading level.  (For example, Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House books are typically worth a ½ point while The Lightning Thief is worth 13.) Students will earn incentives/awards for reaching different point levels.  AR quiz scores will be sent home periodically with your child.


    Math Facts: You will want your children to be fluent in addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts quickly. Flash cards are very helpful and there are many websites with fact practice. J


    Classwork and Assessments: Weekly assessments and class work will be sent home in your child’s binder each week.



    We are a “Character Counts” school so it makes perfect sense that our high expectations of good choices be consistent both in and out of the classroom.  We refer to our expectations of behavior as “Our Code of Conduct.”  The rules are the same as our Character Counts pillars that we focus on all year.


    * I will be trustworthy

    * I will be respectful

    * I will be responsible

    * I will be fair

    * I will be caring

    * I will be a good citizen


    A safe environment of mutual respect will be maintained at all times in the classroom.  Students making thoughtful and responsible behavior choices will be rewarded with:



    Disruptive or destructive behavior will result in the following consequences:


    * verbal warning and a reminder of appropriate classroom rules

    * request to move to a less distracting or more calming area within the classroom

    * 5 minute recess detention to/”The Book”/Time-Out Letter

    * student phone call to parents asking for support and additional direction

    * 20 minute detention and/or removal from the classroom for approximately 20 minutes


    Physically harmful behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate separation from the other students.



    Birthday Treats: Birthday treats are welcome as long as they are store bought. Please notify me in advance so we can allow for "allergy alternates." Treats will usually be served during first recess, lunch, or just before dismissal (unless other plans are made in advance.) Please come prepared with any plates, napkins, cups, and serving utensils required to serve your treat.


    Recognition Assemblies: 

    Students will be recognized at school assemblies for academic achievement, exceptional citizenship, noticeable improvement, and exemplary character.  You will be notified ahead of time if your child is receiving an award. 

    (There are 3 assemblies throughout the year usually held at 1:15pm on Tuesday afternoons.)


    School Supplies: To be successful, students will need to bring their binder inside their backpacks every day. Pencils and paper will be supplied in class. Occasionally, newsletters will request materials needed for art projects, dioramas, models, and science experiments.  Donations are ALWAYS appreciated!


    Parent Visitors and Volunteers: I value parent classroom involvement because it is a meaningful way to show your child that his or her education is important.  Please feel free to add your name to my Parent Volunteer list.  All volunteers must fill out a volunteer form from the office in advance. When reporting to the classroom, please make sure you first stop at the office to sign in and fill out a name tag.



    Ways to Help Your Child’s Class


    -Listen to a student read                                                 -Set up a bulletin board.

    -Regularly lead a Math or Language Arts group            -Donate books to the class library

    -Give an informational presentation                               -Send in Box Tops

    -Help during class celebrations                                      -Serve as a chaperone for a class trip 

    -Donate requested project supplies                                -Join the PTA



     Assessment Schedule


    - Math tests are given at the end of each chapter.

    - Reading and vocabulary tests will be given at throughout the chapter.

    - Reading fluency, comprehension, and phonics skills are tested at the beginning of the year and at the end of each quarter.

    - Grade level standard assessments in Reading, Writing, Language Arts, and Math are given at the end of each quarter.


    The administration asks that all parents be informed of the following items:

    ·         Children should not arrive or be dropped off earlier than 8:10am

    ·         School lunches can be purchased online at: www.myschoolbucks.com

    ·         Keep all phone numbers and emails up-to-date including your own as well as emergency.

    ·         Referring to the school/teacher websites for information regarding important dates, school policies and procedures, classroom information, etc…


    Families can communicate with me in person after school, through written notes, phone calls at (951)445-4110 ext.3339, and e-mail at: lzeller@murrieta.k12.ca.us.


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