• General Information



    Consistent attendance is essential for your child to obtain the maximum benefit from our kindergarten program.  Everyday at school new concepts are taught and those already taught are reinforced.  Learning skills and concepts build from day to day like building blocks – each one is important to making a strong foundation and structure.  Try to make it a goal to have your child in school each day he/she is not sick enough to stay indoors and rest.  If your child is absent, please call or send a note the day your child returns stating the reason for the absence.


    Arrival at School

    Morning students should arrive at school by 8:25 a.m. School starts at 8:30. Afternoon students should arrive at school by 11:15 a.m. School starts at 11:20.  Please make sure your child arrives promptly because our day is filled with fun activities and we don’t want them to miss anything! Please walk your child to their classroom.


    Rules and Discipline Policies

    Each day your child will be rewarded with praise, kind words, high fives, winks and hugs for behaving well in kindergarten.  If there is a behavior problem, your child’s teacher will speak to you about the behavior that day.  Each teacher has their own discipline program that works for them. 

    Please keep in mind that a fair and consistent discipline plan with clear boundaries can be a valuable learning experience for your child.  We will make every effort to assist your child in making great choices each day!



    Besides rewards of kind words and hugs, your child will have many other opportunities to earn rewards in kindergarten.  We will select a “Super Star” student each day that has shown the ability to make great choices, has completed the “BEST” work to their ability, and has been a good friend and helper.  The “Super Star” will receive a special goodie that day!!!   Your child can also earn a weekly trip to the classroom treasure box by keeping their behavior clip on green all week!



    Please have your child wear appropriate clothes and shoes to school each day.  Remember, we move our bodies a lot throughout the day.  We play actively at recess.  Sometimes we cut, paint, glue, and SPILLS, too! (oops!!!)  Please make sure to clearly label all coats, jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, etc.

    Note to parents of girls: please have your daughters wear little shorts under the dresses if they like to ride bicycles and climb on the playground equipment!



    We would appreciate that your child bring a backpack (one without rollers, please) to school each day.  This will assist your child in taking items to and from school efficiently.  Please check your child’s backpack daily.  This way we will keep you well informed about what is going on at Antelope Hills.Hills.


    Kindergarten Curriculum

    Language arts:  Wonders!/Zoo phonics/Handwriting Without Tears

    Math:  Houghton Mifflin : Go Math

    Science:  Harcourt Brace

    Social studies:  Scott Foresman

    P.E.:  S.P.A.R.K.S.



    The focus in Kindergarten is to practice skills learned in the classroom and to read, read, and read some more! There will also be a monthly calendar of fun activities, math homework and a reading log that needs returning at the end of each month.



    In our classroom we will be learning to read through phonics and through the exposure to print.  Zoo Phonics is a program that teaches an animal and a body movement to go with the sound of each letter.  You will be receiving a sheet that has all of the body movements, animals, and sounds for each letter of the alphabet.  Please keep this in a safe spot to refer to FREQUENTLY.  Help your child to learn the letters and sounds by going over them a couple times a week.  Fun times to practice can be while driving, during bath time, setting the table, ANYTIME!!!



    Oral language is an important part of our curriculum.  One way to practice this is through share time.  Share time will begin soon with weekly sharing of the “letter of the week.”  A sharing note will be sent home on Friday to let you know what we are focusing on for the next week.  Your child needs to find an object and place the object in a brown bag with your child’s name.  Help your child come up with three clues to describe the object….(you can wear it, it goes on your foot, it’s sweet.)  At school your child will say their clues and the class will have three chances to guess the object.  Most children love this activity and anxiously wait for their turn to share.  Sharing is homework and we encourage them to participate as much as possible to develop their oral language skills as well as reinforce their letters and sounds.  Be as creative as you want!  Some ideas:  toys, pictures, food (they love that!!!!), themselves, anything!!!  A schedule of your child’s assigned sharing day will be coming home soon!



    Scholastic Book Orders

    Throughout the year your child will bring home book order forms.  This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase quality books at reasonable prices.  You are not under any obligation to buy books and filling out the order form is a personal choice.  There will be a deadline date to have the orders returned back to school written on the order form or in our newsletter. 



    Snack time will be the first half of our recess time each day.  Please provide your child with a light and healthy snack and drink.  This is not a lunch, so too much food does not allow them any time to play.  Some good examples of snacks can be:  string cheese, cheese and crackers, granola bar, yogurt, fruit, veggies, or a half of sandwich. 



    Birthdays are special days.  If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday, you are welcome to bring in a small store bought treat.  Please let us know prior to your child’s birthday so we can plan it into our day!


    The First Good-Bye

    On the first day of school be prepared to say good-bye at your child’s classroom door.  It will be a tough time for some of you, so make them short and sweet.  Keep it on a positive note.  Plan a fun activity for after school that day.  We feel that prolonging the good-bye by following your child inside (for the first couple weeks) can be harder for the child.  We welcome you to come into the classroom to help after your child has established a routine and built a sense of security with our classroom.



    Parent helpers are priceless in Kindergarten.  Please be sure to sign up for volunteering in the classroom.   We truly value your help in the classroom.  We can also send projects (which need prepping) home as well, so please let us know if that would work better for you!



    At Home

    You are your child’s MOST important teacher and resource!  Please review school concepts daily…in the car, in the tub, while watching T.V.   Read stories EVERYNIGHT, play cards and board games as a family.  Encourage a love for learning that will last a lifetime.  It is our hope that we will build a positive partnership to enhance your child’s educational growth!


    Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to teach your precious child this year! 


    Mrs. Aves