Academic Support

  • Monitoring Your Child's Progress On-line: 

    As part of our continuing efforts to provide information regarding your student's progress and status, parents are able to view their child's information from our school database using the District Parent Portal.  Through our secure server you will be able to view your student's demographic data, grades, attendance records, class schedule, test scores and emergency contact information.  Letters containing your student's permanent identification number and verification code were sent home with your son/daughter.   Please contact Student Services at 951-696-3503 Ext. 3257 if you have any questions.

    If there are concerns about a student's class, parents are asked to contact the teacher first.  If there are still difficulties after contact has been made, parents may contact their student's counselor for further assistance. 

    Daily Progress Reports

    Daily Progress Reports are available in Student Services for all students, should they choose to use them; The Daily Progress Report is a helpful communication tool between student, parent and teacher; students are responsible for giving the form to each teacher before the end of the class period.  Teachers will indicate if the student came to class prepared, had good behavior, completed homework, turned in last nights homework, or has homework that night; Daily Progress Reports are most beneficial if used with a reward/consequence system at home.

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