• 8th


    • Log into your aeries “Student Account”
    • Switch profiles (click on picture and switch to their high school account)
    • Click “Classes” (on the left hand side of screen in blue area)
    • Click “Academic Plan”
    • Use the 4 digit course numbers (on your form) to select your course. Type this number in the “courses” section at the top of the screen. Additional courses and course numbers can be found in the course catalog ( Click Here ).
    • Students will select 8 courses (Careers / Computers are two semester courses, students must choose both).
    • When finished inputting classes, students must turn in their form to WSMS student services/counseling.


    Here is a quick video to help guide you through this process: https://youtu.be/p1pzA7lyxsA


    The next few important dates are as follows:

    • February 22nd 6pm: Virtual Academic Parent Night (Q&A for Parents and Students) : MEETING LINK HERE

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    • February 27th 6pm: Incoming Freshman Parent Night (For Parents & Students) @ VMHS

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    • May 12th : VMHS Student Rally (during the school day students are bussed over to VMHS)


    If your students is attending Murrieta Mesa or Murrieta Valley, they will meet with their counselors at WSMS to review this process on:

    Murrieta Mesa- 9:30am February 15th 

    Murrieta Valley- 11am March 1st



    • The majority of our 8th grade students will be going to Vista Murrieta HS, as this is the feeder school for WSMS. If your student is planning on attending a high school outside of the boundaries of which you reside, you will need to submit a transfer request. You can begin submitting these requests NOW and can find the information here: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/domain/55   
    • The incoming 9th grade leadership application is coming soon!. This application includes the opportunity to apply for programs such as ASB, Student Senate, Renaissance or PLUS as an elective class for next year.  






Last Modified on February 14, 2023