• Suggested supply list for Mrs. Meehan's 2/3 class:

    Individual Student Supplies (Please put name on ALL student supplies with a SHARPIE)

    1. One composition notebook (black and white ones WIDE ruled) Not a spiral bound notebook.

    2. Earbuds or headphones for when we go to the computer lab

    3. Pen to use for correcting. Any color.

    4. 1 inch (nothing bigger please) binder with a clear view cover.

    5. Pencil case or pouch to hold supplies


    Classroom Supply Wish List**These supplies will be SHARED among the class. Please do not write student names on classroom supplies.

    1. White and various colors of copypaper

    2. WIDE ruled notebook paper. NOT college ruled

    3. Pencils (Ticoderoga brand preferred)

    4. Pencil top erasers

    5. Boxes of tissue

    6. Sanitizing wipes or baby wipes. (I clean the tops of desks daily).

    7. EXPO dry eraser markers (chisel tip)

    8. Scotch tape

    9. Large hand sanitizer with pump

    10.Various colors of cardstock paper 8.5x11 (Found at most craft stores).

    11.Items for treasure/prize box

    12.White cardstock

    13.Page protectors

Last Modified on December 9, 2022