• The Breakthrough Family Conference is an "indicated prevention" (educational intervention) strategy that incorporates one staff person facilitating a family conference using a specific interview instrument and developing a Family Service Plan in collaboration with the student and their parent/guardian. This plan is based upon willingness without coercion and utilizes resources within the family, school district and community to address identified barriers to learning and other student needs. The Breakthrough Family Service Plan includes four areas: 1) student responsibilities; 2) parent responsibilities; 3) Breakthrough staff responsibilities; and 4) Breakthrough staff recommendations and referrals.

    The Breakthrough Model of Student Assistance is similar to site-based models of Student Assistance Programs (SAP): it addresses Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) education and has a variety of educational and support services, such as, small support groups for “at risk” students and a variety of parent support and education groups and provides referrals to community-based agencies as appropriate.

    For further information on our Breakthrough program, including a confidential referral to the District Student Assistance Program, please visit their website on our district page:

Last Modified on August 16, 2016