Mrs. Renner


    The purpose of homework is to develop good study habits and reinforce what was learned during the regular school day. Homework will be sent home in a homework folder on Mondays and it is to be completed and returned in the same folder on Fridays. There will be no homework over the weekend.

    Parent participation is requested and I anticipate that the homework will come back to me already corrected by you. Your child will benefit most by reviewing their work with you right away.

    Please encourage your child to set aside a time and proper place to do daily homework and encourage responsibility by turning in all work on time.

    I keep track of homework to see that it is neat, accurate, complete and turned in on time. I usually will not return the homework to you unless you have not reviewed and initialed it or there is a problem.

    Research has shown that the more a child practices reading, the better “reader” they will become. Extra reading practice at home is reflected in the classroom. This year as part of the nightly homework, your child is expected to read for at least 15 minutes