What to get?

Supplies for Mr.Seaman's 4th grade class

  • School supplies for 4th Grade:

    Suggested supplies:

    • two wide-ruled spiral notebook (single subject)
    • one folder with pockets (2-pocket folders with hole punches preferred)
    • one 1"-1.5" binder, filled with wide-ruled paper (Please do not get bigger)
    • two BLACK EXPO markers (black only)
    • earbuds in ziploc (label please)
    • one box of 24 crayons (optional, and no larger than 24)
    • one box of 12 colored pencils (optional, no larger than 12)
    • one pair of small scissors (label with name)
    • two glue sticks 
    • one handheld pencil sharpener
    • two Ticonderoga pencils (no fuzzy wrapped or paper wrapped pencils, they jam up the electric pencil sharpener)

    The desks fill up quickly, so please keep supplies to the list above and make sure it all fits in a small pencil box or pencil bag.  Thank you :)

    Anytime Supplies:

    • Facial Tissues
    • Baby wipes
    • Copy paper
    • Wide ruled spiral notebook paper
    • Expo markers
    • Sanitizing wipes

    All donations are greatly appreciated! :)