• To activate a student's Office 365 account:

    1. Turn on a MVUSD district PC computer. (You MUST initialize your USER account on a MVUSD networked computer)

    2. Read the Acceptable Use Policy 3. Click “Ok”

    4. Log on as “Other User”

    Other user

    5. USER NAME = Your 9-digit# ex. 123456789@student.murrieta.ca.k12.us

    6. PASSWORD = Mv + birthday / your birthdate in 6-digit MM/DD/YY format. EXAMPLE: “Mv010209”

    7. Click the blue arrow icon to submit

    8. Students can access their Office 365 account at https://www.office.com/ or from the Avaxat student links page.





Last Modified on September 5, 2018